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Real World Evidence

Real World Evidence

“Big data” umbrella term describing large data sets from any source. CBS implemented Big Data Analytics which can potentially change the way of healthcare providers utilize modern technicalities to spontaneous understanding the Real World Data (RWE) from discovery (Genome) and product development (Registries, Surveys, Electronic Health Records (EHRs), and Insurance data) to create informed decisions. CBS developing the next generation implementation and use of big data analytics over the health care organization’s and the healthcare industry’s. CBS Big Data Analytics becomes more mainstream issues such as privacy guaranteeing, safeguarding security, establishing standards and governance, and continually improving the tools and technologies will garner attention. Big data analytics and applications in healthcare are at a nascent stage of development, but rapid advances in platforms and tools can accelerate the maturing process of product Effectiveness, Utilisation in clinical practice, HTA Decision making, Benefit-risk, Innovative medicines, Impact of regulatory measures & Pharmacovigilance.

Potential of Real World Evidence to support Safe and Timely Access to Medicines for Patients (STAMP).

  • Products in development: clinical trials the most important source of knowledge. However, RWE can inform development for example providing information on existing therapies and on the profile of patients needing treatment.
  • Early product entry in niche indications will most likely use registries to collect effectiveness, safety and HTA information.
  • Electronic Health Records and insurance data will become major sources of knowledge once the use of a product is more established.
  • Supporting innovative products and adaptive pathways.

CBS Services on offer:

  • Data quality and harmonisation across platforms
  • Develop customized methods and applications for efficacy and HTA outcomes
  • Planning of RWE data collection and customized analysis throughout product development
  • Coordination between existing initiatives, leveraging outputs and identifying gaps.
  • Cross-stakeholder collaborative approach to fill the gaps for RWE access and analysis