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Collect data through any electronic media, such as, IVR, Web, PDA or Tablet

Subjects (also called as patients) form a vital link in clinical trials. They send their observations (readings). A major part of the data contained in clinical trials is the data received from the patients. This data observed by the patient himself is sent by him through various available electronic media.
This self-reported data is increasingly playing a key part in clinical trials because it is directly received from the source and is cost economic. Different parameters and activities in this area are:


Clinical Biometrics has a suite of software called as ePRO Solutions that caters extensively to this requirement and is successfully used worldwide in major therapeutic areas for supporting clinical trials of all sizes and complexities. The ePRO Solutions offered by Clinical Biometrics allow collection of data through any available electronic media, such as IVR, Web, PDA or Tablet and offer complete flexibility to patients for reporting.
IVR platform supported by ePRO Solutions enables data to be delivered by using the subject’s own telephone, making it highly cost-effective and at the same time easy to deploy.
Web / IWR (Interactive Web Response): The ePRO Solutions allow the patients to use any PC and Internet to send the data.
The devices, such as, PDA or a Tablet can also be best utilized for sending the data by selecting specific characteristics of the protocols supported.

Key features of the electronic
media support are:

Utilizing any of the available resources
User friendly environment
Real-time access
No data loss

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